Unused Account Ferret

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see which accounts will be disabled or deleted?

Yes. Unused Account Ferret displays the scan results before executing the actions. You can change the suggested actions, or export the results to process the accounts manually. If you want UAF to disable and delete the accounts for you, then just click the Execute Actions button.

What if something goes wrong during the scan?

Unused Account Ferret works reliably, even if a server or communication link fails during the scan. The results may be incomplete if this happens, but no used accounts will be listed as unused. UAF will warn you if the scan results are incomplete due to a server failure or communication error.

Can UAF process user home folders as well?

Yes. You can configure Unused Account Ferret to move or delete a user's home folder when their account is deleted.

Can Unused Account Ferret find unused computer accounts?


Can accounts be excluded from the scan?